High atop the Indigo Plateau, the Elite Four of Kanto await the challenge of any trainer bold enough to collect all eight badges. NEXT: Every Pokémon That You Can Ride In Let's Go, Ranked. The first DS chapter of the continuing saga of Nintendo's "collect 'em all" RPG series, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl offer a number of exciting new features. Her opening Pokémon, Spiritomb, has no weaknesses. He is a Bug-type Pokémon user who prioritizes speed over attack power. Here's a couple of tips for the Elite Four. Max Potions will cover you no matter the damage, as long as your Pokémon has at least 1HP left. Elite #1 - Shauntal Specialty: Ghost-type. Cynthia - Use oall you've … Then it’s only Gallade left, who is weak to Flying and Ghost-type moves. Elite Four Member #1 - Will Elite Four Member: Will Specialty: Psychic-type. Victory Road is a good place to grind. The first Elite Member is a bug type trainer. 59 Moveset: Leaf Storm, Return, Earthquake, Synthesis Giratina- Lv. This will take you back into the Survival Area. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Pre Elite Four 2.1 Team Help 2.2 Preparation 3.0 How to go about fighting the elite four 3.1 Aaron 3.2 Bertha 3.3 Flint 3.4 Lucian 3.5 Cynthia 4.0 Post elite four 4.1 Conclusion 4.2 Contact Info 1.0 INTRODUCTION The Elite Four is the final challenge of the storyline in the Pokemon … Again, Surf and Earthquake prove invaluable. The lobby of the Pokémon League consists of a large, combined Pokémon Center and Poké Mart on either side of the room. The Elite Four is a Trainer Class and title given to four trainers that qualify as being the best trainers in their respective regions, with only the Pokémon Champion above their skill level. ... Pokémon Platinum Whether you want HP-restoring items like Leftovers, or stat-boosting items like Quick Claw depends on your battle strategy. If you want to be level with this fearsome Trainer, you’ll need to dedicate a lot of time to breeding your Pokémon for the correct IV’s and EV training them. Puzzle: The first member of the Elite Four you may face if going clockwise is Shauntal. The stairs here lead to the deep part of Victory Road, which can only be accessed after the Elite Four. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Check BulbaNewsNOW for up-to-date Pokémon news and discuss it on the forums or in the Bulbagarden Discord server. Healing items are going to help during this run. If you go up the stairs near the old man, the path leads to a blocked-off doorway that is inaccessible until after you've defeated the Elite Four. No matter what you choose, make sure you have your Pokemon hold a Lucky Egg, which boosts the EXP you earn from a battle. EVs are points gained from battling wild Pokémon and Pokémon in Trainer battles. A Pokémon can only gain a total of 510 EVs and 255 EVs per stat though. Bertha is a Ground-type Trainer and the second member of the Elite Four. Snorlax is also a good option because if one of your lead Pokemon faints, you put Snorlax out to take a hit while you revive the other guy. Aaron’s Pokémon. He starts the battle with his Yanmega, which is particularly dangerous. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Instead, head down past the trainer and use Rock Climb to climb the ledge to the right; the ledge to the left leads to TM79 - Dark Pulse. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Healing Items. Seeing as there are no Pokécenters in-between the fights, it’s important you’re stocked up. Levels 50 and above should train in Victory Road. The type of Pokémon you defeat determines what set of EV’s are given out. Taking place in the Sinnoh region. Depending on where u r in the game, her Roselia's level will b higher as well as how much money she'll give u;-b4 Elite Four= About level 30 with $5,000 with Amulet Coin/Luck Insense-After the Elite Four= About level 50 with $5,000 without the Amulet Coin/Luck Incense, & $10,000 with Amulet … Mime and Espeon, which are best defeated using Bug, Ghost and Dark-type moves. RELATED: Pokémon: Which Dragon-Type Are You Based On Your Zodiac? Pokémon Platinum: 10 Tips To Take Down The Elite 4 & Cynthia, What Pokémon Should You Have On Your Roster Based On Your MBTI®. These elixirs are worth the high price tag. She has only 1 Pokemon, Roselia. Elite Four. EV training is a little bit more complicated. You’ll need skill, knowledge and luck on your side if you want to enter the Hall of Fame. Your best bet here is a Typhlosion with Flamethrower and Thunderpunch, and you'll see why below. There are currently 7 sets of Elite Four members and 1 champion, … This walkthrough for Pokemon Platinum [Nintendo DS] has been posted at 20 Oct 2010 by juniorofmars1 and is called "Gym Leader/Elite Four Guide Final". In this part we challenge Lucian; the fourth and final member of the Elite Four. Here is a guide with tips to enter the Hall Of Fame. Lucario is next, but Ground, Fire and Fighting-type moves deal heavy damage. Like in other Pokémon Centers throughout Sinnoh, the lobby of the Pokémon League building grants the player acc… Will shares two Pokemon with his predecessor, Jynx and Slowbro. The Best Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deals, Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Wiki Guide, Route 209, Solaceon Town & The Solaceon Ruins, Veilstone City - Getting the Cobble Badge, Route 213 to Pastoria City - Getting the Fen Badge, Snowpoint City - Getting the Icicle Badge, Route 222 to Sunyshore City - Getting the Beacon Badge, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. The Rock Climb ledge that is on the right hand cliff near the one you used … Platinum's gyms feature several changes from those in Diamond/Pearl. With Lucian left crying on the ground, it’s on to the Pokémon Champion. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Following that you take on the Elite Four and the Champion. Pre-National Dex #1 - Aaron. The starting Pokemon options for this game include No NPC you find in Sinnoh is Individual Value (IV) or Effort Value (EV) trained, with the exception of the Pokémon League Champion Cynthia. The guard is a male Ace Trainer. He starts with his Mr. The mysterious Cynthia, who was so helpful to you on your Pokémon journey, stares you down across the battlefield. Well, your starter is going to be a big help. It sounds complicated, but there are plenty of guides out there to help you. It also knows double-team, which raises its evasiveness and can make it almost impossible to land a hit whilst it chips away at your health. Your Pokémon will inevitably faint during the hard battles with the Elite Four and Cynthia. It’s important you defeat it as soon as possible with super effective, high power attacks like Thunder or Flamethrower. Like the gym leaders, the elite four have had a rework to include new Pokémon within the Sinnoh Dex . Bug-type Pokémon are also weak to Rock-type, Ice-type and Flying-type moves, so if you don’t have these moves you have other options. Once you handle Team Galactic at Stark Mountain, the Elite Four's Pokémon teams have been raised in level which you can fight when you arrive at the Pokémon League.Compared to your opponents at the Battleground their teams are pretty much the same with barely any differences so the same type of strategies … Focusing on Bug Type Moves supplemented by some moves to attack the likely targets. This means Yanmega can attack first, giving Aaron the advantage right at the start. Now the gym leaders only use Pokémon of their specialist type - for example in D/P, Volkner used a Water type and a Normal type in addition to his two Electric Pokémon. Pokemon Light Platinum Lauren League & Gym Leaders This is a list of 8 Gym Leaders & Elite Four in Lauren Region in Pokemon Light Platinum. Firstly, grab TM42 - Facade from the house south of the Pokemon Center. You might hit a stumbling block with his Drapion, which is a dual-type Poison/Dark Pokémon. After you have completed all the grand trials and all 7 standard trials in the Alola Region, you will learn that the Pokémon League that Kukui is creating is now complete and you can go to Mount Lanakila to compete in it. Lucian - You have no weaknesses to him 5. No offense to that, but train it your Pokemon a little higher. Use Waterfall outside and you'll reach the Pokemon … and Let's Go, Eevee!.. The house here has a Shard Trader who will teach your Pokemon moves in return for a certain number of shards. You might not have had much experience with in-battle effect items before. There's a range of items you can equip and use to give your Pokémon the edge. Don’t be disheartened if you still lose. It adds Rotom, Giratina, the whole Eevee line and new evolutions for older Pokémon like Dusknoir and Tangrowth - although it still omits some Sinnoh legendaries. Her Togekiss is next, but Electric, Ice and Rock-type moves should make easy to take out. … Cynthia’s Garchomp is the stuff of legends. She is a First Class Honours graduate in Television and Radio from the University of Salford. It has the ability Speed Boost, which boosts speed after every turn. If you’ve got a strong Water or Ground-type Pokémon, this battle shouldn’t give you too much difficulty. Yanmega: Level 49. Dare you challenge the Elite 4?. My Pokemon Against Elite … Check the Move Tutors guide … ===== | 4: GYM LEADER 2.0 GUIDE | ===== In Pokemon Platinum, you get the wonderous ability to rebattle the gym leaders and Elite Four members after beating the game. Elite Four. The Kanto Elite Four in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! I beat the elite four first time with these pokemon: Torterra- Lv. Another option is trying to beat the Elite Four over and over. This last battle will be the toughest battle you’ve had so far, so make sure you save before you start. If you’ve tried everything this guide has to offer but are still struggling, there’s always the over-leveling strategy. They are defined permanently whenever you hatch an egg or catch a Pokémon. Using moves like Trick Room to outsmart the opponent is a good strategy. Leveling up the Pokemon … The Elite 4 and Champion of Sinnoh are not to be taken lightly. Held items can turn the tide of a battle in the blink of an eye. You can find her searching for Raymond in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and looking forward to the day where she can get an irl cat of her very own. The informations including their Pokemon, Location, Name and Bagde will be posted on this page. This determines how high or low the stat will be. This can be a nasty surprise if you’re not expecting it. Furthermore, stat-boosting items like X-Attack and X-Defense can give your Pokémon the edge it needs to beat a particularly tough opponent. If the pokemon are above level 40 I suggest training at the ocean between V-Road and sunyshore city. This might seem excessive, but you’ll be glad you have them. This league boasts a knockout style where you battle the trainers back to back, with only a break in between to walk to the next room - so while you can use healing items in between battles, you cannot go back to the Pokemon … RELATED: Pokémon: 5 Best Features In The Sinnoh Games (& 5 That Needed To Be Added). Oddly enough, with Pokemon Platinum, you’re going to have a much easier time.Not only are your rival lineups the same as in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, but they’re actually at a reduced level.This is a change from the Gym Leaders, who are all more powerful in Platinum, with the exception of one (Refer back to my guide … A water Pokemon such as Gyarados or Vaporeon will help against Bertha and Flint. At the Indigo Plateau — the site of the Pokémon League in Kanto and Johto — the Elite Four must be battled in a fixed order. So it’s important to strategise your team and prioritise which stats each Pokémon needs. We recommend leveling your Pokémon to at least 60 and carrying plenty of restorative items and revives so that you can take on each battle fully … In Generation 4, there’s no way to change these values. If walkthrough is usable don't forgot thumbs up juniorofmars1 and share this with … The Walkthrough have a rating 1 by 1 our users and has been commented 9 times. Gyms 3-5 switch their orders and most change their Pokémon to take advantage of the updated local dex. It’s highly unlikely you’ll emerge from each battle unscathed. Elite 4. It’s highly unlikely … Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Wiki Guide. Her team has the only EV-trained Pokémon in the Sinnoh region, so you’ll almost definitely be needing these tips and tricks to defeat her. Pokemon Platinum is the third entry in the fourth generation of Pokemon games. In this part we battle Barry one last time before the Elite Four. Let’s build the ultimate team and strategy and get your Pokémon into the Hall of Fame! Of course you do! All his Pokémon are Fire-types, with the exception of his Houndoom, a Dark/Fire dual-type and his Infernape, a Fire/Fighting dual-type. When your Pokémon are low in health and afflicted with a status condition, you can give them one of these for them to be fully cured. Aaron - use Staraptor 2. Finally, her Milotic will go down to strong Grass or Electric-type moves. Other strategies are using the vs seeker on route 222 like shrooboid said and using it … Even if you do you’ll still have taken PP hits. After battling it out against Victory Road and defeating your rival for the final time, it’s time to put everything you learned in Sinnoh to the test by defeating the Elite Four and the famously-difficult Pokémon League Champion Cynthia. Aaron is your first opponent in the Elite Four. The third member of the Elite Four is Flint, a Fire-type Trainer. Go in there with Grass-type, Ice-type and Water-type moves and a win is sure to be yours. And we're here to help if you happen to get stuck anywhere in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl's endgame. Share Starting Up (1-20) Levels 20-50 Levels 50-70 Levels 70-100 Introduction: Leveling Pokemon is the corner stone of the game. Each Pokémon has a number that ranges from 0-31 in its stats. The final member of the Elite Four is certainly the toughest. Cross the bridge and you're at the exit. 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Lucian is a Psychic-type Trainer with a variety of Pokémon across his team. 1. Healing items are going to help during this run. Hit it with a powerful Ground-type move like Earthquake and the first Elite Four member will be done. RELATED: What Pokémon Should You Have On Your Roster Based On Your MBTI®. IV’s are, put simply, Pokémon genes. Ice and Dragon-type moves are your best bet. pokemon platinum walkthrough This walkthrough will guide you through Pokemon Platinum - in terms of gameplay, there is a very small storyline difference between this and Diamond and Pearl. Since you cannot switch Pokémon while challenging them, we will only give general advice for defeating them. Puzzle: Replacing Lorelei is the newcomer Psychic-type master Will. For every four EVs the Pokémon obtains, one point is added to the stat upon leveling up. Pokémon Platinum is renowned for its difficulty spike in the late-game. Then, head east then north and use Rock Climb to get to the ledge. Here’s what you’ll need going into the Elite Four. It's time to go after the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum. Repeatedly useful moves like Earthquake and Flamethrower will run out of PP quickly. It’s important that you don’t leave your Pokémon without its strongest moves to use. But type match-ups won’t be enough by themselves to get you there. Once a Pokémon runs out of HP, you can’t use them again until they are revived. His Crunch will also help against Lucian. This is the Platinum walkthrough from the Pokémon Traveler's Guide. Ghost is a prominent weakness though so Shadow Ball is an excellent move to learn. She’s an all-round Pokémon user, so your best bet is to try and match her strength. Heracross: Level 51. Pokémon: Which Dragon-Type Are You Based On Your Zodiac? Of course you do! You will be picked up and carried by ghostly forces up to her platform.She focuses on Ghost-types so having a Dark-type or a Pokémon with Ghost-type moves would be logical. All the members of the Elite Four and Pokémon Champion Cynthia have their last Pokémon hold a Sitrus berry. Her Golem and Rhyperior are dual-type Rock/Ground Pokémon. And we're here to help if you happen to get stuck anywhere in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl's endgame. The strongest Pokémon is Cynthia’s Level 62 Garchomp. Pokemon Light Platinum Zhery League & Gym Leaders This is a list of 8 Gym Leaders & Elite Four in Zhery Region in Pokemon Light Platinum. Fighting, Ground- and Steel-type moves can be helpful to inflict heavy damage on these two. Drapion: Level 53. by defeating the Elite Four and the famously-difficult Pokémon League Champion Cynthia. Lucian's team and movesets: *Mr. Most Trainers use the 252/252/6 EV spread for a Pokemon. Here's how: Route 223 - Walkthrough; Back to Shadow Ball or another strong Ghost-type move to minimize the threat of Alakazam and its high Special Attack stat. Mix together IVs and Nature and you’re on your way to creating the ultimate war machine. They are all 60+ in level, of course meaning that wimps like Roark and Gardenia are no longer wimps. Bertha - use Empoleon (Watch out for Earthquake though) or use Sneasel or/and Mamoswine (I'd use those) 3. I'm very interested to hear your story! All their informations including their Pokemon, Location, Name and Bagde will be shown. HP-restoring berries like Oran and Sitrus can make the difference between a win and a loss. 56 Moveset: Shadow Claw, Dragon Pulse, Fly, Shadow Force Near the stairs to the left is a path that leads to the Razor Claw which evolves Sneasel into Weavile. By Level 80, you might have enough of a level-advantage to take her out. In between them is a gateway to the Elite Four, blocked by a guard who will grant access when the player has earned all eight Sinnoh League Badges. Flint - use Empoleon 4. Diamond/Pearl Gym leaders& Elite Four Following the tried-and-tested Pokémon formula, in Diamond/Pearl you battle your way through 8 gyms, each specialising in a particular type. It also saves you from worrying about the number of Antidotes, Berries or Burn Heals you have in your pockets. Her team has the only EV-trained Pokémon in the Sinnoh region, so you’ll almost definitely be needing these tips and tricks to defeat her. Your strongest move is your best bet here. Sara Heritage is a freelance journalist for The Gamer. 12 years later, many Trainers say there’s not a harder fight. His Bronzong is out next, but a Flamethrower or equally-powerful Fire-type move takes it down. Pokemon Platinum Leveling Guide Introduction Preparation Lucky Egg Getting the Lucky Egg Rare Candy Amulet Coin Items in Inventory Experience Boost Trading Exp. Appendix:Platinum walkthrough From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. The native Sinnoh Pokédex in Pokémon Platinum expands upon that from Diamond & Pearl, with 210 total Pokémon listed. Use the menu above to jump between sections; alternatively, if you wish to use the walkthrough from beginning to end, click 'Next … Pokemon Diamond & Pearl » Introduction » Walkthrough »» Game Maps »» Gym Maps » Alternate Forms » Arceus Plates Guide » EV Training Table » FAQs » Gym & Elites » Legendaries » Move Tutor Guide » New Pokemon » Sinnoh Dex Guide » TM/HM List » Version Exclusives » World Map The Battle Tower » Trainer List » Pokemon … This is the Platinum walkthrough from the Pokémon Traveler's Guide. In Pokemon Platinum, the final battle pits the player against the Elite Four & Cynthia. Getting to the Elite Four. QOTD-1 In Platinum Which Elite Four do you like the most? With that, you’ve beaten the Champion and made your way into the Hall of Fame!
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