We should apply appropriate metrics, models … Determine the reliability / availability your customers need for a product, making optimal tradeoffs with cost and time of delivery 5. Critical Systems, Software Processes: Critical Systems: A simple safety critical system; System dependability; Availability and reliability.Software Processes: Models, Process iteration, Process activities; The Rational Unified Process; Computer Aided Software Engineering. • Model is a mathematical representations of a system – Models allow simulating and analyzing the system – Models are never exact • Modeling depends on your goal – A single system may have many models In other words, time is an essen-tial component of the descriptionof the models. Its measurement and management technologies during the software life-cycle are essential to produce and maintain quality/reliable software systems. Michael Lyu's 2002 paper, Software Reliability Theory, provides a thorough overview of developments in the field, starting with seminal works in the early 1970's. Due to the age of the model and data it's no longer recommended but is the basis for several modern models such as the Shortcut model, Full-scale model, and Neufelder assessment model. 1. replace or repair the failed part.
2020 software reliability models notes